Online Medical Consultancy

  • Cheapest and most convenient way to consult with a specialist doctor.
  • Nice to have second opinion before making a decision for the best treatment for a specific disease/disorder.
  • Specialised healthcare specialist that are not available locally.

Find Doctor Of Your Choice

  • Doctor available of all categories from across the globe.
  • Find your doctor of your choice by category, distance, language, charges, experience, etc.
  • You can invite your personal doctor to join here.

Keep Medical Record Online

  • Patient can keep and maintain their medical record online on DR4US cloud. It's easy and convenier to keep all your medial records here to be available at all time.
  • Online interactive session with related medical records available online make the consultancy easy, convenient and affordable
  • Medical documents will be secured, confidential and only you to be able to give access to view preferred doctor.

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