How Does it Works

  1. Find doctor of your choice

    You can search doctor with following options... if you couldn't find a doctor of your choice and you like to invite your personal doctor to join Doctor4US, please click here.
  2. Choose model of contact

    For consultancy you have following method to communicate with your doctor...
    • Email
    • Text Chat
    • Web call
    • Call to Mobile
    • Book an Appointment
  3. Start consultancy

    Your name and email ID is required to start the consultancy. It is advisable to fill your medical profile. Some doctor chooses to provide consultancy free to their patient for limited time period.. With those Doctor you no need to make any payment. If you choose a doctor and his service is chargeable, you must make payment first before the consultancy begin. Note: From you are paying the consultancy fees directly to the Doctor. You need to deal directly to the doctor if any discrepancyarises between you and the doctor in regards to the payment. If the you can't

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