Who We Are

Doctor4US provides a Medical Consultation system that enables communication between patients and doctors quickly and fluidly wherever they are.

We operate worldwide gathering doctors from all specialties offering qualified medical appointments without land or language barriers.

Health professionals worldwide have incorporated Doctor4US to their practice because they want to provide alternatives to traditional care standards.

Health professionals are available 24 hours ( including holidays) throughout the year and from almost anywhere.

No more long waits and a significantly decrease in costs compared to traditional methods of medical consultation.

Our Services

From the comfort of their own homes patients and doctors interact in complete control of scheduling and fares.

Patients can ask questions directly to doctors online through interactive conversations (audio / video / text) or in person at the doctors office.

We offer several free and secureservices for our users, such as e-mails, medical records, online scheduling calendar among others.

Medical records are online in Doctor4US cloud for free.

Our Vision

Make health care accessible and affordable gathering the best doctors in the comfort of their homes, for symbolic values.

We believe that patients are vulnerable and often in a hurry, which can keep them easily misinformed and misguided, and with it, confused. The Doctor4US aims to facilitate access to information specialists in various cases of health.

Our Mission

Become the largest and most active online website, using advanced technology software for online medical consultations.

Facilitate patient care, offering the world's largest online network of medical professionals that provide health care at low cost to everyone.

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